Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trying the bloggin thing...

OK, so we're going to try the blogging thing. I've spent a little time playing with the layout tools, trying to figure out what 'look' I want. Of course I've picked a blue/green combination, which I'm sure will turn purple at some point.

As for quilting, I started a new quilt this week - One of Atkinson's new patterns "Fire Escape" I'm doing it in light batiks with a deep raspberry for the stairs - it's coming out great, it went together very quickly and I've even started putting together the rows.

I've told hubby I want my OWN digital camera for Xmas so I can post pics - until then I'll have to borrow his!

Hope to post a picture of the quilt soon!
Until then...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You know what a blog is?

Sew my sister says to me "We should have a blog", "Why don't we have a blog"... when I got up off the floor, I replied back to her "You know what a blog is?"

Sew here you go Barb!

Have to go play with 'blog' options now, Happy Sewing!