Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trying the bloggin thing...

OK, so we're going to try the blogging thing. I've spent a little time playing with the layout tools, trying to figure out what 'look' I want. Of course I've picked a blue/green combination, which I'm sure will turn purple at some point.

As for quilting, I started a new quilt this week - One of Atkinson's new patterns "Fire Escape" I'm doing it in light batiks with a deep raspberry for the stairs - it's coming out great, it went together very quickly and I've even started putting together the rows.

I've told hubby I want my OWN digital camera for Xmas so I can post pics - until then I'll have to borrow his!

Hope to post a picture of the quilt soon!
Until then...


Barb said...

Hey--Great job! Welcome back! I am so excited to see you up and I can't wait for those pictures! Did you notice I am following your blog!


Congratulations on your blog beginnings. Before long you will have much to say and meet many fellow bloggers. If you need help with anything on your blog that you can't figure out, let me know, but it really is quite easy:)
Oh, I have a couple of give-aways on my blog. One is on the side bar and the other one is 3 post back, but it is still on going until the 21st.